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Posted Date: 10/10/2014
Job Category: Developer
Position Title: Front End Developer
Salary Range:
Location: USA - Boulder, CO
Desired Skills:

Department: Tech Special Projects

We are looking for a mid-level front-end developer to help design and implement our suite of web applications. Looking for a resourceful, ambitious, and motivated developer to stay on the cutting edge of the evolving client-side application domain. You should have a strong interest in expanding the limits of browser functionality and a similar interest in advancing the architecture of client code through lightweight MVC or related frameworks such as AngularJS or BackboneJS.

• Oversee user interface development for all web and mobile applications
• Interface with engineering and product teams to gather information on the requirements for a highly-functional User Interface
• Provide daily and weekly updates to team managers, focusing on any current or unforeseen issues
• Work with developers and designers to create a framework for the web-based mobile platform

Required Skills:
• 3+ years of experience developing and integrating responsive web sites using HTML5 CSS3 & jQuery
• Strong working knowledge of AJAX and JSON when using Web APIs
• Proven leadership skills for development projects- working across multiple teams
• Single page applications with a modern Javascript MVC framework (Backbone.js, Angular.js, Spine.js, Ember.js ...)
• Experience with UX Design

Desired Skills:
• REST design concepts
• Mobile web development
• Typescript
• Visual Studio 2013
• Windows or Mac power user
• MeteorJS
• Photoshop

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