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Posted Date: 2/12/2019
Job Category:
Position Title: Sr. Scrum Master
Salary Range: $55-60/hr.
Location: Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Desired Skills:
Description: PCM is currently searching for a Sr. Scrum Master for a contract role in the Mission, KS area. This is an initial 6 month contract role focused on building complex CRM solutions for clients in the automotive industry.

Backlog Management Practices:
• Works with Product Owners and team members to learn and practice healthy backlog management and prioritization practices
• Facilitates the execution and improvement of backlog refinement
• Prepares for and facilitates release planning with teams
• Assists in dependency management and cross team coordination

Agile Ceremony Facilitation
• Facilitates continuous improvement and the development of a learning culture on teams
• Facilitates ceremonies, collaboration, communication, and conflict management
• Teaches new team members Agile mindset and frameworks, practices, and process
• Influences the organization in the removal of organizational impediments and development of healthy Agile practices
• Mentors Product Owners and team members in agile practices and continuous improvement

Delivery Team Support
• Removes impediments to the team’s ability to perform
• Acts as a buffer between external distractions to minimize disruptions
• Assists in the coordination of operational issue resolution
• Facilitates team development, mediates conflicts protecting the team and encourages healthy team dynamics.
• Fosters team responsibility, self-accountability, transparency and self-organization
• Leverages coaching skills to help the team learn to solve its own problems

Advice and Guidance
• Introduces and encourages team to explore healthy Agile development practices, focus on quality and technical excellence, predictable delivery, automation, and continuous delivery
• Teaches and encourages a balanced backlog that delivers valuable features for customers, reduces technical debt, provides business value, and enables product sustainability
• Helps the team to develop, capture, and analyze metrics to facilitate team improvements
• Promotes transparency through healthy communications and data integrity

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