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Posted Date: 12/12/2017
Job Category:
Position Title: Released Train Architect
Salary Range: $90.00
Location: Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Desired Skills:
Description: PCM is currently searching for a Release Train Architect for a contract for hire role in the Mission, KS area. This role is responsible for architecting and designing comprehensive solutions that meet non-functional (e.g. performance, security, and operational considerations) requirements in support of a given initiative. The Technical Architect plays a role in establishing architectural vision and direction, architects technical solutions, provides advice and guidance, monitors emerging technologies, and in technology evaluation and selection.

This Architect role is in a .Net environment and will have some development responsibilities. They must be familiar with release trains in a scaled agile environment and have a strong development background in a C#/ASP.Net/MVC environment. Knowledge of newer JavaScript frameworks such as react.js as well as cloud platforms is highly desired.
Key Responsibilities
Key Responsibilities:
Architecture Vision and Direction
• Assists with the development of frameworks, standards, policies, principles and procedures that guide technology decisions and maximize reuse of technology.
• Facilitates technical design reviews, ensuring adherence to architectural standards, and consistency across organizational and design boundaries.

Technical Architecture Development
• Develops the logical and technical architecture for project and platform initiatives, and collaborates with project teams to realize them.
• Identifies necessary non-functional requirements (performance, security, operational concerns) and participates in the development of conceptual architecture.
• Evaluates technology, security, performance, availability, and interoperability requirements and produces high level design deliverables that enable development teams to produce products that are flexible, scalable, and secure.
• Recommends options for the resolution/prevention of technical debt and to facilitate rapid development and implementation.
• Develops and executes test plans to check infrastructure and systems technical development, and where possible, makes recommendations for improvement.
• Contributes performance, security, and operational items to backlog of development team.

Advice & Guidance
• Provides technical guidance and oversight, acts as a point of escalation and serves as a technical expert on projects.
• Communicates technical architectures, relevant technologies, practices, platforms, and products to delivery team and other stakeholders.
• Mentors on business knowledge, technology, and career guidance.
• Assists in the identification, analysis, and resolution of technology infrastructure problems.

Emerging Technology Monitoring
• Evaluates emerging technologies and the evolution of current technologies to define a future vision roadmap for optimal applications of technology to meet business needs.
• Recommends improvements to processes and technology that improve the effectiveness of the team.
• Conducts Proof of Concept for feasibility studies.

Strategic Sourcing
• Oversees and facilitates the evaluation and selection of hardware and software technology, as well as the design of standard configurations for a particular project.

Architecture Vision & Direction:
• Contribute to strategic plans for technology, which satisfy the current and ongoing needs of the organization’s business strategy, and the current and future capabilities of technology.
• Validate that the delivery team operates according to the principles embedded in relevant standards.
• Promote technology policies, practices and decisions which recognize the current and evolving needs of all the stakeholders.

Technical Architecture:
• Lead the development of technical solutions for complex systems, ensuring consistency with specified requirements agreed with both external, and internal customers.
• Take full responsibility for the balance between functional, service quality and systems management requirements within a significant area of the organization.
• Establish policy and strategy for the selection of systems architecture components, and coordinate design activities, promoting the discipline to ensure consistency.
• Validate that appropriate standards are adhered to.
• Manage the target design, policies and standards, working proactively to maintain a stable, viable architecture and ensure consistency of design across projects.

Advice and Guidance:
• Provide leadership and guidelines to promote the development and utilization of technical knowledge within the delivery team.
• Effectively communicate with and influence a diverse audience on complex technical/business subject matter.

Emerging Technology Monitoring:
• Coordinate the identification and assessment of new and emerging technologies, products, methods and techniques.
• Evaluate likely relevance of these for the organization

Strategic Sourcing:
• Undertake strategic analysis, including research into suppliers, markets and product and service categories, to inform and develop commercial strategy and sourcing plans.
• Clarify specifications for key products and services.

Knowledge, Experience and Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science degree or related field or equivalent combination of industry related professional experience and education
• Working experience in technology delivery, especially in Internet environments
• Working experience with relevant operating system environments
• Working experience as a technical architect in a scaled agile environment
• Working experience as a Technical Lead on large-scale software implementations with design and hands-on development using open-source based frameworks
• Working experience in multi-tier enterprise architecture environments
• Working experience with relevant database technologies
• Prior development experience in a .Net environment and strong knowledge of C#, ASP.Net, MVC, SQL Server, web forms, and varying javascript libraries such as React.js
• Cloud platform experience, preferably AWS

• Master’s degree in related field
• C/C++
• Public speaking experience / Industry involvement (e.g. speaker at conference)

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