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Posted Date: 3/19/2013
Job Category: IT/Computing
Position Title: Clear Case Administrator
Salary Range:
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Desired Skills:

Job Description:

The person filling this role will develop and manage a product build infrastructure using IBM Rational ClearCase v8 and other continuous integration tools in the delivery of a COTS-based enterprise tax system (ORACLE ETPM) for our State of Ohio client. This is an agile project and this hands-on role will be directly engaged and interacting with SCRUM teams and the client's technical staff on a daily basis. They will administer IBM Rational ClearCase and will be responsible for developing scripts to automate the build and deployment of applications to WebSphere, Oracle ETPM, Oracle PeopleSoft platforms running on AIX. This role is responsible for the delivery of the Configuration Management Plan, Build and Release Management Plan, and the Change Order Management Plan, which are contractual deliverables, which should reflect the agile approach taken on the project

Consultant Role/Responsibilities or Tasks on Project:
• Responsible for ClearCase host and network administration, data administration, user administration, and license administration.
• Host and network administration includes installing and configuring server hosts, ensuring efficient client/server connectivity, managing and distributing server load, and tuning clients and servers for best performance.
• Data administration includes repository backup and recovery, data importing and exporting, storage management, and periodic maintenance.
• User administration includes administering user and group account requirements, resolution of user access issues, and responsibility for data security.
• License administration includes license server administration, license key administration, and establishment of license use policies.
• Developing and managing a product build and automated product deployment plan for an agile project; applying the continuous integration process;
• Developing and managing a patch build infrastructure;
• Managing and enhancing a source control system;
• Introducing new technologies and techniques to improve CM processes and address pain points.
• Interacting with project teams and customer technical staff;
• Interfacing with client's Software Configuration Management Center of Excellence

Skills Required:

1. Bachelor's in computer science or related field.
2. 8 or more years' experience as either a software engineer or system configuration analyst.
3. Demonstrated proficiency administering IBM Rational ClearCase v8 or v7.
4. Demonstrated ability to build and administer a continuous integration environment.
5. Demonstrated ability to tailor CM procedures and processes to work in an Agile project.
6. Advanced understanding of J2EE, WebSphere, AIX, UNIX.
7. Advanced understanding of relational databases.
8. Demonstrated IT industry knowledge in the State and Local sector.
9. Advanced understanding of modern SCM (software configuration management) processes and procedures.
10. Understanding of software development and project methodologies, to include Agile.
11. Experience on multiple full release project life cycles, to include COTS engagements.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

1. Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and persuasively with multiple audiences, including demonstrating effective speaking and presentation skills, listening actively, and projecting a credible image.
2. Ability to interact with onsite customer support teams for both development and production problem resolution.
3. Experience administering Rational ClearCase v8
4. Experience deploying and administering a Continuous Integration environment (using Ant, Maven, Jenkins, etc)
5. Demonstrates knowledge in technical areas in order to properly manage complex configuration management environments.
6. Demonstrates application of technical expertise in successful engagements involving multiple disciplines.
7. Advanced knowledge of CM best practices.
8. Strong ability to ensure teams development efforts adhere to defined process.
9. Advanced ability to review and approve CM technical decisions and technical design documents.
10. Strong ability to troubleshoot and follow escalation procedures
11. Strong ability to listen to others, ask questions to learn from others; Is inclusive in communications with others, seeks to involve and collaborate with employees/ teams.
12. Advance ability to collaborate effectively with the project manager to manage the technical efforts of medium to large projects as necessary.
13. Builds high-trust relationships to improve cross-boundary collaboration related to overall project success (individual success defined by how the organization works as a team, including resource and skill sharing across the organization).
14. Follows through on commitments to customers/partners; ensures deliverables are accurate and timely, meets or exceeds customer expectations
15. Ability to assess a technical problem and its impact. Identify the criticality; act as advocate working with concerned parties to resolve issues in a positive and timely manner and with appropriate resources.
16. Understands customers'/partners' needs from their business/industry perspective.
17. Ability to contribute software configuration management input into change orders which may arise on the project
18. Accepts new challenges and responsibilities to develop self, takes risks, learns from actions, learns continuously as a personal practice
19. Demonstrates awareness of own development needs; seeks and accepts feedback from others; Takes personal responsibility for development (e.g. studies, reads, takes on more challenging assignments, asks questions) and applies learning to assignments.
20. Demonstrates knowledge in performing baseline verifications, readiness reviews, and has performed Configuration Management Audits.
21. Demonstrates knowledge in gathering Configuration Management metrics, takes action for improvements based upon trends for corrective actions.

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