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Posted Date: 11/17/2014
Job Category:
Position Title: Program Delivery Specialist
Salary Range:
Location: Chicago-Naperville-Joliet, Illinois, USA
Desired Skills:
Name Level Experience Required
Life Cycle No
Noc No
Operations No
SharePoint No
Very Organized No

Request ID: 11114-1
Start/End Dates: 12/15/2014 - 12/14/2015

Work Location: Naperville Operations Center - Naperville, Illinois

Job Description: The Program Delivery Specialist Group: - Enterprise Learning - delivery & execution of learning designs for the enterprise - 2 components: a.) coordination and management of creating courses & b.) another group that manages the scheduling & execution of the learning courses *** Day: 2 key things: a.) execute against the demand for the # of sessions required: update the system, scheduling, supporting the learners through the life cycle of the learning path (enrollment and registration, session set ups - 75% of the job b.) consulting on the structure of the training/learning - using their knowledge of logistics and coordination involved in administering the courses. Manager's wants: - LMS (learning management system) experience - this would be a major asset - project coordination experience would be beneficial - training logistics - training coordination would be a big asset - organizing and setting up people for training - 2-3 years related experience - needs to be highly organized - need some general experience with Sharepoint, office suite (mandatory) - need to be technology savvy enough to learn proprietary systems. Interview: - telephone screen to start - follow-up in person interview

The Program Delivery Specialist is a pivotal role between the Learning audience and the Facilitation teams. This role will assist the Enterprise Delivery and Guest Experience (EDGE) team in achieving its business mandate of delivering efficient, consistent, cost-effective and exceptional quality curriculums through the execution of all operational and logistical activities associated with learning delivery. Key Accountabilities: " Operational delivery coordination for all internal Enterprise Learning curriculums (includes course material coordination, participant management, cohort coordination) " Internal consulting, delivery planning, relationship management and blended learning implementation for enterprise learning curriculums " Manage the content and structure of blended learning programs of assigned portfolio while partnering with the design team to ensure positive learning impact " Critically analyze internal processes to ensure sustainability and efficiency " Develop and maintain partnership with other IFL colleagues to ensure content messaging, framework, and design are aligned and consistent across the enterprise " Proactively work with Design Partners, LOB Executives and Senior Managers to assist in designing efficient and sustainable learning strategies and manage all operational activities for all run rate learning " Consult with lines of business and/or IFL Colleagues and recommend solutions to address performance gaps " Utilizing basic Project Management practices, oversee delivery project activities to ensure deadlines are met and learning solutions are delivered as scheduled " Support and practice transformational change with projects or during business discussions to continually improve both Customer Experience and Employee Experience " Keep informed on the work of peer groups within the IFL with the objective to potentially leverage work, share thoughts, gather feedback, ensure relevance of assigned portfolio and create efficiencies within the IFL team Release Comments:

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