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Posted Date: 6/27/2013
Job Category: Accounting and Finance
Position Title: Intermediate Credit Analyst
Salary Range: $23.00 - $26.00
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Desired Skills:

Job Description

Credit Assessment / Risk Management
• Understands commercial credit structuring, including collateral analysis corrections submitted.
• Responsible for identifying and fixing data quality errors
• Complete Data Validation activities for corrections submitted


* Working within existing systems to validate that the data is correct. This will be facilitated in most cases through direct interaction with the Relationship Manager
* Validating that loan facilities are appropriately linked to overall relationship entities
* Need to have knowledge about basic lending to understand how transactions are set up to be able to verify the data
* Understanding of how commercial loans are structured, and how interdependent credit relationships are typically structured

This position is responsible for ensuring that the Special Assets portfolio (“SAMU”) has correct values and structures in various systems for the following fields:

• Connection and Entity Linkage
• Guarantors
• Annual Review Dates

In addition to the cleanup of the fields outlined above, this role may be involved in resolving/dispositioning deals that are “improperly converted” or should not remain in the system as active deals. These deals may have been previously charged off, abandoned, paid off, etc, and the team member will work with the RM and Operations to ensure that the deals are appropriately addressed and processed


* 1-2 years experience
* Loan documentation experience is valuable

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