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Posted Date: 5/1/2014
Job Category:
Position Title: Project Manager - Senior
Salary Range:
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Desired Skills:
Name Level Experience Required
Coding No
Pm No
Pmo No
Pmp No
Project Manager No

Job Title: Senior Project Manager

1. 5+ years of experience recently as a Project Manager on the business side of projects. This PM will be working with an IT PM and therefore strong stakeholder experience will be key. Personality with this PM is HUGE! The PM must be outgoing, and friendly to work with all of the various stakeholders. An introverted quiet PM is not going to cut it. If you would go for a beer with this PM, then you are likely on the right track. Please try and meet with your candidates.
2. Experience in Financial Services is ideal
3. Experience managing a large sized project. Candidates must have taken ownership on a project recently and not been just a part of a project. They should answer “I did” and not “We did”.
Manager Notes
Interview Process:
1. PMO Phone Screen
2. Face-to-face interview
Some Q&A from the Manager:
1. What are the top 3 skills for this Project Manager to be successful? (none of these mandatory but nice to haves)
a. Globalization
b. Commercial Banking
c. Troubleshooter
d. Personality is key – need to find a fit for stakeholders
2. Are there any technologies that this PM will need to have experience with? Not necessary – but there is a tech component. Very light technology- BMO Harris will be making mass updates in multiple systems. Organization/Understanding moving parts/ dependencies/logistics are they key qualities needed – not the coding aspect
3. Is there potential for this to be extended/FTE position? No
4. Are there any certifications, designations, or degrees/diplomas that would be necessary to have? This particular manager finds it desirable to have PMP.
5. If this PM has worked with IT projects in the past, would you automatically rule them out? No
6. Describe the project in a little more detail? What is the business challenge? Assessment of business banking portfolio. Benefits are numerous – Ensuring portfolio is set
Other comments: The ideal candidate strong project manager, keeping individuals on track, people-person that can handle difficult situations.

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