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Posted Date: 3/8/2013
Job Category: IT/Computing
Position Title: Sr. Project Manager
Salary Range:
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Desired Skills:

The Senior Project Manager is accountable for demonstrating a high level of project management expertise through their management of large and complex project(s) or program(s), as well as through their professional conduct and accreditation. Their accountabilities include all functions relating to management and control of project teams accountable for the creation of new or changed deliverables (i.e., product, service or process) of varying size and complexity. Directing, managing, and coordinating of team members may include resources for multiple projects, including Project Manager, people from other areas, user groups, internal and external consultants and contractors, as well as vendors and external regulatory organizations.

• Creates project deliverables, with the specified level of quality for the project sponsors, on time and within budget, by efficient coordination of project resources and good control of project activities, in order to satisfy the project objectives
• Manages the activities of project(s) or program(s) to align with a strategic direction
• Plans, prepares, and maintains project or program schedules, by combining estimated activity durations and risks, to meet standards
• Uses proper planning and monitoring techniques to control project or program costs
• Manages and negotiates stakeholder expectations to determine most accurate and appropriate definition of project or program scope and schedule
• Manages scope, schedule, and cost priorities between various stakeholder groups and within the project team, in order to resolve conflicts
• Negotiates complex contracts with external vendors to ensure receipt of specific resources and materials, as well as best value for the Enterprise
• Participates in the creation and review of documentation and reports for project(s) or program(s) in order to monitor and control project management processes
• Communicates with and engages project sponsors and other stakeholders to ensure adequate representation on the project
• Coordinates and facilitates various committee meetings to ensure appropriate engagement by key governance bodies
• Provides leadership, motivation, coaching, and professional development for project teams in order to obtain a high level of co-operation and contribution from all project members
• Contributes to improve the best practices of the project management community within the Enterprise to help maintain project management professionalism


• Possesses a university degree/college diploma and/or 10+ years relevant work experience (i.e., within the previous five years has completed 3 large-scale projects or 2 large-scale projects of moderate to high risk/complexity)
• Possesses advanced knowledge and 7 to 10 years of experience in project management, demonstrated by completion or undertaking of internal Project Manager Accreditation Program Level 3 or industry equivalent
• Has obtained Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from Project Management Institute
• Exhibits a working knowledge of core Enterprise competencies including knowledge of the Enterprise’s business environment and products, understanding of the workings of the Enterprise’s organization and procedures, and proficiency in the use of standards/tools and methodologies, as achieved either by direct experience or industry equivalent experience
• Possesses different knowledge components that are required by the context-specific environment

• Possesses expert project management leadership capabilities
• Is able to handle multiple priorities
• Possesses advanced communication skills
• Displays expert team leadership capability and handles conflict resolution professionally
• Is able to impact and influence key project participants
• Is able to build effective relationships at executive levels with Technology and Solutions, customer, and vendor groups
• Exhibits consistent flexibility, resilience, and resourcefulness
• Demonstrates courage and self-confidence in dealing with project issues and in escalating required project/program issues

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