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Posted Date: 5/12/2021
Job Category:
Position Title: SFMC Developer/Campaign Analyst
Salary Range:
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Desired Skills:

The SFMC Developer/Campaign Analyst, will play a critical role in within the Business Intelligence and Data Science Team supporting all the various lines of business across the Foundation, to design and develop our Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) journeys and ad hoc deployments.
In addition to SFMC, you will to execute various fundraising marketing campaigns across all consumer facing channels (Email, Direct, Social, Web, Telephone etc.).

The successful candidate will have experience with campaign management activities such as list fulfilment, list scrubbing and offer prioritization at an enterprise level. In addition, a deeper understanding of data analytics and marketing strategy is beneficial to help with A/B test design, significance testing, marketing segmentation and personalization, usage/deployment/ testing of predictive marketing models, reporting and post campaign analytics, marketing strategy and offer optimization.
The successful candidate will need to work closely with marketing teams across the various lines of business to help ensure campaigns are executed flawlessly.

• Design SFMC journeys within Journey Builder
• Build out journeys in Journey Builder, decision nodes, data integrations, etc
• Work within Email Studio, Journey Builder, Automation Studio, and Audience Builder
• Design and develop SFMC ad-hoc deployments
• Design and develop data extensions to load data within SFMC and support multiple journey deployments
• Work with the data warehouse team to identify source data requirements and content for SFMC ingestion
• Extract, transform and manipulate data as required to generate campaign lists
• Apply segmentation within marketing campaigns and help to drive personalization by ensuring marketing strategy & offer strategy differ by segment
• Utilize predictive marketing models where possible to help maximize marketing ROI.
• Create post campaign reporting, dashboards and visualizations to tell the story of campaign performance
• Analyze data to generate insights into campaign performance and donor behavior and help to refine the marketing strategy based on insights generated
• Consult & communicate effectively with marketing teams across the organization to adopt a data driven view on targeting, offer prioritization, offer optimization and marketing strategy based on insights and previous campaign performance
• Provide ad-hoc analytics, reports and support for campaign management initiatives. This includes making recommendations on targeting strategies

• Minimum 2 years hands-on experience developing SFMC Journey Builder campaigns
• Proficiency in the design and development of SFMC Data Extensions
• Good working knowledge of APEX
• Excellent working knowledge of SQL in a Microsoft SQL Server environment
• Minimum 3-5 years professional hands-on experience with campaign execution, list management or using data to deploy marketing campaigns across an enterprise
• Minimum 3-5 years using SQL, SAS, R, Python, SSRS or Microsoft Power Builder to execute campaigns and conduct post campaign analytics, reporting and visualizations turning data into insights and telling a story
• 2+ years of experience with digital analytics tools such as (Google Analytics, Omniture, Site Core, Cookies/ Tagging Methodologies)
• Experience with Blackbaud CRM is considered a strong asset
• Excellent written and oral communications skills, and group facilitation capabilities

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